Xspray Pharma’s mission is to create value through the development and commercialization of its own drugs which are based on well documented substances that offer substantial medical benefits, meet medical needs and has a large-scale commercial potential.


The ambition of the company is to become a profitable and leading enterprise within the development and sales of protein kinase inhibitors for targeted cancer treatments. The primary business goal is by 2023 to have introduced three products on the US-market with patent protected, semi-exclusive sales rights, alongside three already established blockbuster cancer drugs.


Through its unique technology, Xspray’s vision is to establish itself as a leading global company for generic and/or enhanced variants of established protein kinase inhibitors for targeted cancer treatments, therein increasing patient quality of life and chances of survival. Through aggressive pricing and patent strategy, Xspray will gain market share and create a long-term profitability for the company and its owners, as well as reducing the cost of burden in society in the process.

Business Model

Xspray’s technology enables semi-exclusive sales on selected markets alongside original drugs, where attractive pricing enables a fast market penetration and high market share. The technology also creates relevant medical benefits for the patients. In addition, the company can licence the technology to collaborating firms in order to evaluate and improve drug candidates that currently are in clinical phases or which are already launched. Xspray’s business model is to licence its product candidates to either large companies who already have original patent drugs on the market, or to generic drug companies who will market the products. Licencing will take place before or just after the product candidate has been approved as a drug. In addition to an initial payment, the licencing is also expected to give the company royalties of the sales at launch of the drug. Xspray may eventually develop sales of its own in selected markets in order to receive a greater share of the revenue when products reach the market.


Xspray’s strategy is to apply its technology platform on its product portfolio, consisting of carefully selected drug candidates. The candidates possess a significant market potential and offer a favourable position of competition for the company. Xspray’s hybrid nanoparticles (HyNap) are amorphous which gives them the unique possibility to compete with already registered drugs few others can as soon as the original patent has expired. This gives Xspray an attractive and strategic advantage compared to competitors who cannot compete as long as secondary patents are in effect.

Business Strategy

Xspray strives to build its revenues by turnings its developed drug candidates into registered drugs. This makes it possible to enter into licence agreements with the original creators of the drug who in turn will be able to improve the handling of its product life cycles (Lifecycle Management). Another alternative is to enter into licence agreements with generic drug companies who will market and sell the products.

Primarily, Xspray wants to address markets where the company’s technology and patent situation enables its products to be sold without, or with only limited, competition from the original drug. The secondary objective is to licence the Xspray technology to other drug companies in order for them to be able to optimize other drug candidates currently in clinical phase and/or already established drugs.

Through attractive pricing, the products are expected to gain substantial market share from the original patent drug. Xspray will in the near term focus on the North American market with the European market being in focus in the longer run. This strategy seeks to reduce the initial capital need and risk as the process of getting a drug approved is comparatively short and clearer on the US-market.