Product candidates

Xspray’s goal is to facilitate the introduction of three products on the US-market by 2023. All three are versions of patented cancer drugs based on protein kinase inhibitors (PKI). The three product candidates target original patent drugs, whose yearly sales exceed 1 billion USD. While the original patent drug is protected from competition by secondary patents, thanks to the unique hybrid nanoparticle-technology, Xspray’s products can be sold alongside the original-patent drug as soon as the primary patent expires, thus only facing competition from the original-patent drug.

In 2015 there were a total of 34 approved drugs based on protein kinase inhibitors (PKI), whose sales exceeded 11 billion USD in the US alone. This makes PKI’s the second largest segment of all cancer treatment drugs. By 2020, the US-sales is expected to have risen to 21 billion USD. Xspray’s technology has the potential to be applied on all these drugs.