Xspray Pharma receives its first product patents in Japan

Xspray Pharma has received approval for two applied patents in Japan. The patent applies partly to the composition and method of the HyNap-Dasa product candidate. It is Xsprey’s first approval in one of the three major US, Europe and Japan main markets. The company has ongoing applications for corresponding patents for all three product candidates in the US, Europe and Japan.

“Being granted a patent now confirms that they have a unique and safe innovation level in our technology and in our product candidates,” says Per Andersson, CEO of Xspray Pharma.

Xspray Pharma has received patent patents for two Japanese patents in Japan regarding the HyNap-Dasa product candidate intended for the treatment of certain cancers.These are the first two patents granted to the company’s product candidates in an important and commercially interesting market. The announcement is in line with the company’s plan to apply for a patent for the composition and methodology of all three product candidates under development in the three most important markets, USA, Europe and Japan.


“We primarily focus on launching our product candidates in the US market, but we also want to build up a commercial preparedness to take advantage of opportunities that can open up in other key markets, primarily Japan and Europe.That’s where our patent strategy is an important function, “comments Xsprays CEO Per Andersson.

Xspray Pharma,s shares were introduced on Nasdaq First North Growth Market on September 26 following a successful share issue that provided the company with SEK 132 million before issue costs. The plan is now to use the capital to develop three product candidates and prospective cancer drugs based on the company’s proprietary technology, and to introduce the first products on the US market in the 2020-2023 period.


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Per Andersson, CEO, Xspray Pharma AB (publ)
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About Xspray Pharma

Xspray Pharma AB (publ) is a product development company with several product candidates under clinical development. Xspray uses its innovative RightSize-technology in order to develop improved and generic versions of already marketed cancer drugs, primarily protein kinase inhibitors (PKI), for treating cancer. The segment is the second largest within the oncology department and the drug prices are very high. Through its innovative technology, Xspray can enter the market as first competitor to the original drugs available today without the hindrance of secondary patents. Xspray’s goal is to ha three products ready for launch on the American market during the period 2020-2023, with a first product launched at the latest by 2021. The company has patents on production technology, equipment and the resulting products. The shares in Xspray Pharma (publ) are traded on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Stockholm and Redeye is the Certified Adviser for the company.


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