Unique technology enables unique business model

Thanks to Xspray’s unique technology to enter the market with a cheaper version of original drugs, much earlier than the generic companies can. The original companies cannot protect their products against Xspray’s versions after the expiration of the primary patents. A window of several years opens up, where Xspray becomes sole competitor on a multi billion dollar market.

Opportunities for large market shares

Xspray’s technology enables the creation of generic version of drugs lacking the “fingerprint” patented by the original companies. Because of this, the original companies aren’t able to protect the drugs after the expiration of the primary patent. Products from Xspray can be manufactured to look different, but still have the same effect and characteristics.

This opens the opportunity to enter a multi billion dollar market before other generic companies, during the period Xspray calls patent window, where the competition can be limited to the original company.

Xspray focuses on protein kinase inhibitors, PKI:s. Almost a fourth of all sales in cancer medicine on the market are PKI:s. There are over fifty PKI:s on the market and Xspray’s technique has so far been successfully tested against over twenty of them, and the expectation of the probability for success in the rest of the PKI:s is high.