Better and safer medicine for patients

Xspray’s technology enables manufacturing of bioequivalent products, generic and improved versions, of already marketed drugs.

Xspray’s current focus is on applying its technology to a class of cancer drugs, protein kinase inhibitors (PKIs), that are remarkably effective in treating various forms of cancer. Unfortunately, many patients experience side effects of the PKI treatment, in some cases with fatal outcome. This may depend on what and when the patient has eaten in concomitantly with the drug intake. PKI drugs manufactured using traditional technologies result in products with high absorption variability due to their low solubility and high pH sensitivity. The variability increases the risk that absorption is too low, which means that the treatment becomes ineffective or that absorption is too high, and the patient gets overdosed with the drug.

The amorphous forms of the PKI drugs are not as pH sensitive and have higher oral absorption. This means that the patient and the doctor do not have to consider the food intake and that the drug can be dosed more precisely. Thus, a lower dose of the amorphous form can produce the same treatment effect as – or even better than – a higher dose of the original product. For patients, this means an increased quality of life during treatment, and possibly also a better treatment of the disease itself.