Unique technology – Unique business model

Xspray Pharma is a pharmaceutical company with multiple product candidates in clinical development phase. Xspray Pharma uses its innovative, patented technology to develop amorphous product candidates that are improved versions of marketed drugs, primarily protein kinase inhibitors (PKI), for the treatment of cancer. Often the original companies have secondary patents that are based on the crystalline forms of the active substance. Since Xspray Pharma’s products are amorphous, they can be marketed as soon as the original companies’ drug substance patents expire. This is a unique opportunity for favorable market establishment on a multi-billion market with limited competition.

PKI drugs constitute the largest segment of targeted cancer therapies, with sales of approximately 37 percent of the total oncology market, and with sales figures that are increasing annually. In 2021, sales of PKI drugs in the US market amounted to approximately USD 33 billion.

Demand for effective life-cycle products is increasing in pace with the expiration of patents for many crucial original drugs. Of the 80 PKIs currently being marketed in the US, 23 drug substance patents are expected to expire by 2030. To date, Xspray Pharma has tested its technology on some twenty of the PKIs established in the US market, with positive results.