A Unique Technology

Amorphous forms of drugs have many known advantages over crystalline versions of the active substances. However, amorphous substances are much more difficult to manufacture and may have lower stability. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry has found it difficult to find methods that allow commercial scale manufacturing of fully amorphous drugs. Xspray has developed a way to do just that: to produce amorphous forms of drugs on a commercial scale that remain stable for a long time.

With Xspray’s patented nozzle this process can be multiplied in commercial scale.

Xspray’s technology is based on supercritical fluid, that simultaneously exhibits both liquid- and gas-like properties. The active substance is combined with other substances to create a solid dispersion – an ingenious fully amorphous form with a significantly higher solubility than the original. With Xspray’s patented nozzle, this process can be scaled up to commercial scale.