Important information to holders of warrants series TO5: The subscription period is ongoing

Press release 2023-11-16

Holders of Xspray's warrants series TO5 can, during the period 16-30 November, subscribe for new shares in Xspray Pharma for a price of SEK 40. The warrants were issued in connection with the rights issue in June 2023. The proceeds from subscribed warrants will be used for the launch of Xspray's first product Dasynoc in the USA in 2024, as well as for continued development of future products. On November 9, the company announced that management and major shareholders corresponding to 53% of the shares in Xspray Pharma have announced that they intend to subscribe for their respective holding of TO5 warrants.

1 series TO5 warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for 1 newly issued share in the company at the subscription price of SEK 40 and can be exercised during the period 16 November 2023 – 30 November 2023. Holders of warrants must contact their bank or fund manager to notify subscription.
Holdings that are managed by a bank or other manager via custody or ISK account should act according to instructions from the respective manager. Many banks get in touch and have automatic routines for online subscription. If however the warrants are directly registered with Euroclear, the holder needs to contact their bank on their own initiative for help with handling the subscription notification.
Those who choose not to subscribe may sell their warrants. Series TO5 warrants are subject to trading through November 28, 2023.