Xspray Pharma receives declarations of intent from its largest owners regarding exercise of TO6 warrants

Regulatory press release 2024-04-10

Xspray Pharma has received written declarations of intent whereby owners of approximately 50 percent of shares in the company state their intent to exercise warrants TO6 to subscribe for newly issued shares during the subscription period 18 April – 2 May 2024 for the subscription price 40.00 SEK per share.

“We are very pleased over the continued confidence from our largest shareholders. We are hopeful to gain a high degree of subscription for T06 warrants and that we thereby ensure necessary financing of our commercialization plan,” says Per Andersson, CEO of Xspray Pharma.

The outstanding warrants TO6 were allotted as part of the units that were subscribed for in connection to the preferential rights issue that Xspray Pharma made in June 2023. If all outstanding TO6 warrants are exercised, the company receives SEK 125.5 million in gross proceeds. The declarations of intent are expected to lead to the exercise of approximately 50 percent of the outstanding warrants of series TO6. The declarations of intent have been made by Flerie Invest, Ribbskottet AB, Fjärde AP-fonden, Andra AP-fonden, Unionen and Tredje AP-fonden.