Xspray Pharma’s nomination committee for the annual general meeting 2019

Press release 2018-11-23

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – November 23, 2018. Xspray Pharma (Nasdaq First North: XSPRAY) publishes the nomination committee’s composition for the annual general meeting in 2019.

The nomination committee, which has been appointed in accordance with the principles adopted by the annual general meeting on 14 May 2018, consists of:

· Gillis Cullin, appointed by Östersjöstiftelsen 
· Anders Bladh, appointed by Ribbskottet AB 
· Niclas Eriksson, appointed by Niclas Eriksson Family and holding companies 
· Michael Wolff Jensen (chairman of the board of directors) 

The nomination committee shall, before the annual general meeting 2019, prepare proposals for the election of chairman and other members of the board of directors, the election of chairman of the annual meeting, election of auditors, the determination of fees and matters pertaining thereto. 

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the nomination committee for the annual general meeting on 23 May 2019 can do so by email to karin.krylborn@xspray.com. Proposals should be submitted to the nomination committee before 28 March 2019.

For further information, please contact:

Michael Wolff Jensen, Chairman of the board of directors, Xspray Pharma AB
Mobile: +4522740505
Email: mwjensen@outlook.com

About Xspray Pharma

Xspray Pharma AB (publ) is a product development company with several product candidates in clinical development. Xspray Pharma uses its innovative patented RightSize technology to develop improved generic versions of marketed drugs, primarily protein kinase inhibitors (PKIs) for the treatment of cancer. The segment is the second-largest in the field of oncology and drug prices are high. Through its innovative technology, Xspray Pharma’s strategy is, through outlicensing to an appropriate pharmaceutical company, to enter the market as first competitor to the original drugs before the exclusivity from secondary patents expires. Three PKIs have been identified as the initial product candidates (HyNap-Dasa, HyNap-Sora and HyNap-Nilo). Xspray Pharma’s goal is to have up to seven products ready for launch in the US market, where the first product to launch in 2021 will be HyNap-Dasa. The substance patents for Sprycel (dasatinib) expire in 2020 and the secondary patents expire in 2026, which can give Xspray Pharma’s HyNap-Dasa a five-year period of special position before other competitors get access to the market. The company has patented manufacturing technology, equipment and the resulting products. The shares in Xspray Pharma are traded on Nasdaq First North Stockholm. The company’s Certified Adviser is Redeye AB, www.redeye.se.

This information was submitted for publication at 15:30CET on 23 November 2018.